Pawai Waterfall |Balrampur| Chhattisgarh

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Pawai Waterfall |Balrampur| Chhattisgarh

The Pawai waterfall is located in the Balrampur District which is the North-Eastern tip of Chhattisgarh and shares its borders with the states of Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and a bit of Madhya Pradesh as well.

First glimpse of Pawai Waterfall while trekking to the falls (Image credit: Jaspreet Bhatia, Ice Cube Holidays)

Pawai fall situated in the Semarsot Wildlife Sanctuary can be accessed only when the sanctuary is open for visitors. There is no motorable road available to reach this point hence one has to trek for about a couple of kilometers to access this fall. The trek inside the jungle is a breathtaking experience where the path unwinds parallel to the stream of water on the side and the steep hills adorned with lush greenery on the other side. It is a delightful experience to trek upstream to the point where you see the water stream taking a straight drop of almost 100 feet or probably more in the middle of the jungle.

Trekking path to reach the waterfall (Image credit: Jaspreet Bhatia, Ice Cube Holidays)

The path ends exactly at the fall and it’s like hitting a grand wall. We get to see the falls from the bottom. It’s not the kind of fall where you can interact with the water rather this is a place to simply soak in the natural beauty and just connect with yourself. It is situated at a point which is in the middle of nowhere. I was told that there is another waterfall near to this one but due to my planning of time, I had to start my trek back. There isn’t a lot of places to move around, there are a few huge rocks where you can base yourself to enjoy the view of the fall.

The mesmerizing view of the Pawai Waterfall (Image credit: Jaspreet Bhatia, Ice Cube Holidays)

This place is about 80 km from the Ambikapur which is the main railway station and it is always advisable to take local help to reach this place. You can always get in touch with me for first-hand information on how to plan a visit to this place. But it is a hidden jewel and must-visit for every nature lover. But only physically fit people who can trek the uneven steep path should adventure out, it is not a place for the luxury prone traveler. And as I always say, whenever you visit such a place in the lap of nature please ensure that you leave no footprints behind in the form of trash or litter. Be very careful as it is our responsibility to maintain our destinations.

Content courtesy and Image credit to Mr. Jaspreet Bhatia, Founder,Ice Cube Holidays

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