52 Getaways in Maharashtra (Part-1)

52 Getaways in Maharashtra (Part-2)
October 30, 2020
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May 10, 2022

52 Getaways in Maharashtra (Part-1)

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We are glad to welcome you to our second blog series which will be focusing on ‘52 getaways in Maharashtra’. Maharashtra is a state which is full of metropolitan cities, villages, hill stations with lush greenery, lakes and beaches. It is true that one cannot cover the whole beauty and serenity of Maharashtra in just one trip as every small destination in this incredible state has a lot to offer. There are several destinations here which are unexplored and unknown, yet offering a divine experience of its own. Therefore, we guide you how to experience a perfect getaway in Maharashtra by acknowledging you all about the top 52 getaways destinations in Maharashtra. Stay tuned for the upcoming blog posts as it is also difficult for us to cover the whole beauty of Maharashtra into one blog posts, so we are introducing the 52 destinations into a batch of 10 destinations in our each post.


A beautiful and mesmerizing hill station close to Pune and Mumbai, Lonavala is a delight for monsoon lovers. Featuring lots of waterfalls, lakes and hills, Lonavala enchants all category of people, especially hikers and trekkers. Lonavala, being a part of the Sahyadri hills is a must-visit for nature lovers who wants to experience a soulful weekend trip.

How to reach: –An hour or two drive (84.7 kms) away from Mumbai, Lonavala can be easily accessible by a private vehicle or by private buses. Lonavala also has its own railway station that is well connected by Pune and Mumbai.

Best time to visit :-The best time to visit Lonavala is from December to February. If you want to experience the lush greenery of Lonavala, then, the monsoon months of June to September experience heavy (almost 24-hours) rainfall, and is considered to be a great time to visit Lonavala. It is highly recommended to check on weather conditions before visiting. 

Famous attractions: – Tiger’s leap, Bushi Dam, Imagica, Sunil’s celebrity wax museum, Rajmachi fort, Reverse waterfall

Activities: – Camping, Hiking and Trekking

Foods to try- Masala chai, Vada pav, bhajiya, chikki & peda from Maganlal & sons (famous in Lonavala).


In the Konkan region of Maharashtra lies a small coastal town named Alibag. It is a very famous weekend getaway destination and also known by the name of ‘mini-Goa’, which receives the high tourist footfall all year round. 

How to reach: –Alibaug is easily accessible from two major cities- Pune & Mumbai and can be reached by private or public transport. The nearest central railway stations to Alibaug are Koha and Panvel. Nearest airports are Pune and Mumbai.

Best time to visit: –To enjoy the beaches, best time to visit is November to July. To experience the lush green beauty, visit between August to October.

Famous attractions: – Kolaba Fort, Alibag beach, Vrindavan farm, Nagaon Beach, Murud-Janjira fort

Activities: – Kayaking, Jet skiing and other water sports


Located near Pune, Lavasa is a privately managed hill station. It has got its name from Lavasa Corporation which is managing this private city. The city is a beautiful project, based on the town-frame of Italian town Portofino. Spreading across 7 hills, covering an area of 25000 acres, Lavasa provides a mix of both the nature and infrastructure

How to reach: –From Pune, Lavasa is 65 kms away near Mose Valley and from Mumbai it is 200kms away. Regular bus and taxi services are available for the city of Lavasa. There is, however, no direct train or flight connectivity to Lavasa.

Best time to visit: –Due to its location at an altitude of about 2000 – 3000 sq ft above sea level, Lavasa experiences a soulful weather all through the year. However, the best time to visit Lavasa is from September – March. 

Famous attractions: – Lakeside Promenade, Bamboosa, Temghar Dam, Lakeshore water-sports

Activities: – Watersports such as pedal boating, water volleyball, Kayaking, Jet skiing and others

Food & restaurants:-Chor Bizzare for street food and north Indian cuisine, All American Diner for American delicacies and beverages, Orient 8 for Chinese food


Located in the outskirts of Pune, 45 kms from the main town lies a beautiful hill station named in Western Ghats. Famous for its world class paragliding school and facilities, this place should be on the top of the bucket list of an adventure lover. Apart from the adventure, one can experience the best of nature and village life. The area is surrounded by the paddy sunflower fields, dwell deep with the locals living in the mud houses of this small village.

How to reach: –The nearest city to Kamshet is Pune (45kms). Mumbai around 210 km from Kamshet. The best way to reach is by private car or jeep from both the cities and just a few hours drive journey. Kamshet also has a railway station which lies on the Mumbai-Pune railway route. 

Best time to visit: –Kamshet experiences a tropical climate. As it is famous for paragliding, therefore, it is advisable to avoid monsoon visits as the wind currents are very strong. Cool winters and warm summers are the best time to explore Kamshet.

Famous attractions: – Shinde Wadi Hills, Pawana Lake, Bhedsa Caves, Kondeshwar temple, Bhairi Caves

Activities: – Paragliding, trekking, camping and others.

Foods to try: – Misal Paav, Mastani milkshake, Vada Paav, Poha, Dabeli, Puran Poli, Bhel Puri, Paav Bhajji and more.


Also known as the twin city of Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani is a hill station located at an altitude of 1,334 mts. It got its name due to the 5 hills form the Sahyadri mountain. The blend of hills and coastal plains provides a panoramic view of the nature.

How to reach: – Pune is the nearest city to Panchgani (98.4 kms). From Mumbai, Panchgami is 242 kms away. Therefore, it is easily accessible through a road trip by private vehicle from either of these two major cities.

Best time to visit: – October- April. To experience the lush greenery then visit between the monsoon months of July-September

Attractions: – Kaas Plateau, Table land, Kate’s Point, Mapro Garden, Devai Art Village

Famous thing: – Strawberries


A perfect weekend getaway for those who don’t have enough time for travelling and still wants to enjoy a peaceful weekend getaway. Nearest to the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, lies 2km long calm and pleasant beach of Manori, to spend a quick and refreshing weekend. Also, it experiences a culture very similar to Goa like the soothing shade of coconut and cashew trees, Goan food and much more. Thus, it is also called as ‘Mumbai’s Little Goa’.

How to reach: –

  1. By road- The nearest city to Manori is Mumbai (48.7 kms). The cars and taxis can go up to Marve beach and from there one can take a ferry ride to reach Manori
  2. By train- The nearest station to Manori is Malad on the western suburb line of Mumbai railways. From Malad station, one can take a taxi to Marve beach and then a ferry ride to Manori

Best time to visit: –The best time to visit Manori is from October- March due to pleasant climate and low humidity levels, although Manori is a suitable destination to visit all year round as it has a long- shaded beach to lie upon without getting the fear of being sun-burnt.

Famous attractions: – Manori Beach, Global Vippasanna Pagoda, Samudreshwar Temple, Nath Sampradaya Ashram

Foods to try-Gola and pani-puri on Manori Beach, seafood delicacies inspired by Goan cuisine.


Ratanwadi is a rustic village near Bhandardara of the Kalsubai peak in Maharashtra. It consists of the famous Ratangad fort. Ratanwadi holds some of the most soulful treks for the adventure lovers. Also one can experience the best of camping in the nature’s lap.

How to reach: –

  1. By road- The nearest city to Ratanwadi is Pune (78 kms) and Mumbai (170 kms). One can hire a private taxi, car or bus service to Ratanwadi. However, the roads are not fully developed so it takes more time to travel by road
  2. By train- The nearest station to Ratanwadi is Igatpuri
  3. By water- It is the most convenient way to reach Ratanwadi. Boat rides are available from Arthur Lake to reach here

Best time to visit: –The best time to visit Ratanwadi is from May- September because the weather is clear for sightseeing and boat ride to reach here. Monsoon season is not advisable to visit Ratanwadi because the boat ride from Arthur Lake may become risky and may be restricted in rainy season.

Famous attractions: – Ratangad fort, Amruteshwar temple

Activities: – Trekking and camping

Foods to try- Misal- pav, Vada pav, spicy curries from Maharashtrian cusine.


Dapoli is a small town in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. Just few hours drive away from Mumbai (215 kms), it is a famous destination that stands up to the needs of all kinds of travellers. Dapoli narrates its historic stories in sync with the nature as it features historic forts, temples, mesmerizing beaches and lush vegetation.

How to reach: –

  1. By road- Dapoli is well connected by road to all the major cities of India. Regular private and government bus services are also available to reach Dapoli.
  2. By train- The nearest station to Dapoli is Khed which is 22 kms away from Dapoli.

Best time to visit: –The best time to visit Dapoli is in monsoon from June- August as the greenery and mountains of the region comes alive in the pleasant rainy season. However, Dapoli experiences a pleasant and cool climate all throughout the year, so one can plan an off-beat vacation in summer season as it is less crowded there.

Famous attractions: – Unhavare- hot springs, Panhalakaji caves, Kadyavarcha Ganpati, Murud beach, Keshavraj

Foods to try- Solkadhi- rice with fresh seafood, Kokum juice, Konkan styled fresh sea food, spicy curries and fries.


Known by its many famous names, Thane is a suburb and ‘elder sister of Mumbai’. It is a metropolitan city providing a perfect blend of natural beauty and infrastructural development. Also known as ‘the city of lakes’ it is home to 7 lakes which is a major source to water supply to Mumbai. Thane is representing a perfect balance as it is celebrating food and culture with its cosmopolitan industrial development.

How to reach: –

  1. By road- Thane is a suburb of Mumbai just 24 kms away from the city center. Also, Thane is well connected by the other major cities through well maintained roads. Bus services, taxis and private vehicle can be used to reach here.
  2. By train- Thane has its own railway station and is well connected to all the major railway lines throughout the country.
  3. By air- Thane doesn’t have its own airport, Mumbai airport is the nearest and easily accessible to Thane.

Best time to visit: – The best time to visit Thane is during October- March as the weather is pleasant during these winter months. Avoid visiting in monsoon months because Thane receives the highest rainfall in the month of June- July which is not suitable for sightseeing.

Famous attractions: – Elvis Butterfly Garden, Sargam Water Park, Upvan lake, Tansa Dam, Tanao Pali

Foods to try- Masala chai at Sai Kripa, Litti- chokha at Durga Snacks Corner, Missal pav at Mamledar


Near the majestic surroundings of Malshej Ghat, lies a very interesting hill fort named as Harishchandragad. The monument is situated at an altitude of 1424 metres.It also hosts some of the challenging and difficult trek trails for all those trek lovers who want to test their own limits. Apart from trekking, this place also holds some ancient temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu & Ganesha.

How to reach: –The only way to reach Harishchandragad fort is through treks only. So there are 3 popular trekking trails:-  via Khireshwar Village, via Nalichi Vaat and via Paachnai village. Mumbai is around 202 kms way from the Ahmednagar district.

Best time to visit: –The best time to visit Harishchandragad is from October- December, as these months hosts a pleasant and comfortable weather for trekking activities.

Famous attractions: – Harishchandreshwar temple, Kedareshwar caves

Activities: – Trekking and camping

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts to know more destinations for a perfect getaway in Maharashtra!

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