What to pack for your Next Trip?

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May 10, 2022
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What to pack for your Next Trip?

Whenever we plan to travel to a certain place, the first thing which we all usually do is Google and it tells us everything about that place, it will tell you how to reach, where to stay, what to eat, what to see. Google being our true savior helps us create a full proof plan for our trip and then we are all set to pack our bags with trendiest and comfiest clothes from our closet, carry all our travel essentials, we recheck our bags again and again to see whether we have missed on something.

But even after re checking our bags 10 times  there is one such thing which we miss out everytime during our travels? What is it? The Emotions!

Yes! You saw it right!. Emotions are the essentials which we always forget to carry when we are on a trip and it is very much true to say this because of the instances we come across. 

We see a lot of hidden/offbeat places being promoted on social media by Travel influencers and bloggers and the next thing we come across is the same place being over crowded by tourists. Why can’t humans respect their surroundings, why can’t we travel without harming nature, why can’t we travel with emotions?

This blog is written in an attempt to make a difference in People’s way of Travel and there will be a difference only if we change our mindset. So here are the 7 emotions you need to pack with you when you travel next

1. Astonishment

Whether it is a luxurious international trip or a simple weekend getaway to a nearby hill station, travel doesn’t fail to amaze you! And if it doesn’t than probably you need to change your perspective

Tip: Plan a trip to an unknown place once a year and let travel do it’s magic

2. Compassion

Understand and share feelings with others around you. Make your actions a cause of happiness and these slight changes in your choices can leave a twinkle in someone’s life

Tip: Eat from local restaurants, shop local handicrafts, choose to stay in homestay. 

3. Selflessness

Create new bonds for life, have a hell of a time but at the same time care about the environment around you.

Tip: Make your travel plans sustainable, make sure you leave less carbon footprint

4. Creativity

Let your creative juices flow while you plan for your trip, whether it’s searching for a offbeat destination or deciding your Instagram worthy outfit of the day or clicking the perfect pictures Be creative in every way

Tip: Attend a Local Culinary or Art Workshop

5. Quirk

Unveil your different personality traits which you never knew you had because everything is possible when you travel!.

6. Rejuvenation

Travel to recharge yourself and put a new spark in your life

Tip: Try social media detox while on a trip

7. Sentimentality

Return with fond memories from the trip,  reflect on those memories to make your heart feel content.

Tip: Capture more smiles

Pack these emotions with you when you travel next and you will never regret it! 

Do Share your best travel memory in the comments!

Happy Travel Folks!

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